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One Year Away! Get Ready for Virginia’s New Record Sealing Laws

Last updated: July 1, 2024

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One Year Countdown Begins! Get Ready for Virginia’s New Record Sealing Laws

Today marks an important milestone: we are exactly one year away from the implementation of Virginia’s transformative new record sealing laws for convictions, which will take effect on July 1, 2025. Clean Slate Virginia is thrilled about these upcoming changes and has been working tirelessly to prepare for their successful rollout.

Why This Matters: The new laws enable criminal conviction record sealing, which can have a profound impact on overcoming barriers to employment, housing, and education faced by those with past convictions. Sealing your record under these new provisions can offer a new beginning and the chance to move forward without the weight of past mistakes.

Preparation: Over the past year, Clean Slate Virginia has collaborated with the Virginia Crime Commission and other experts who have shaped these new laws. Clean Slate Virginia is well-versed in all aspects of the upcoming changes to provide you with accurate, effective guidance.

Act Now – Why It’s Crucial: With the laws set to activate in one year, now is the perfect time to prepare. Many have already started utilizing Clean Slate Virginia’s services to ensure they are ready on day one. By reaching out to us today, we can assess your situation, determine your eligibility, and get everything lined up so you can benefit from the law as soon as it’s in effect.

Take the First Step: Don’t miss the opportunity to reset your narrative. Contact Clean Slate Virginia now to find out if you qualify for record sealing under the new legislation. Clean Slate Virginia is here to help you prepare for a future unencumbered by your past.

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