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What is Clean Slate Virginia?

Clean Slate Virginia is a law firm that focuses exclusively on using new Virginia laws to seal prior criminal convictions throughout the state of Virginia.

Are these new Virginia laws real?

Clean Slate Virginia has already interacted with thousands of Virginians and keep hearing the same thing, “at first I didn’t think this was real.” It’s real and here is the official Code of Virginia website where you can read the laws for yourself.

Yes, these new Virginia laws are real.

Clean Slate Virginia understands the notion that these laws are not real because Virginians have always heard that criminal convictions stay on your record forever.  Fortunately, qualifying Virginias with a criminal conviction can have a well-earned second chance!

These laws were passed in 2021. They become effective in 2025. The delay in the effective date is due to the need to setup new, extensive computer systems for the Virginia State Police and court systems.

While many lawyers are still calling these laws “Virginia’s new expungement law,” they are actually criminal record sealing laws. Use the link below to read more about the difference between Virginia expungement and record sealing.

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Experience where it counts.

George Townsend graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law and is a former Virginia and Federal prosecutor. Since 2002, he has represented individuals charged with criminal offenses in all areas of criminal law.

My legal career has been dedicated to criminal law.

For years I have understood the frustration and challenges people face with criminal
convictions. My passion during my career has been helping people with criminal charges. It has always been difficult to tell someone that Virginia criminal convictions stay with you for your entire life.

Clean Slate Virginia was created to finally help deserving Virginians seal criminal convictions.
Clean Slate Virginia uses new Virginia laws to efficiently seal criminal convictions to help people advance their economic opportunity and restore their reputation across all of Virginia.

George Townsend, Owner, Clean Slate Virginia


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