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Clean Slate Virginia will streamline the petition process so that you can seal your Virginia criminal record quickly and easily. We file petitions to seal criminal convictions in every Virginia judicial jurisdiction. So, no matter where you were convicted, we can help.


We will work with you to gather all necessary documentation.

Your Clean Slate lawyer will work with you to gather any necessary information and documentation pertaining to your case. Virginia Code Section 19.2-392.12 requires some people to demonstrate rehabilitation from drug dependence before their conviction can be sealed. Clean Slate will work with each client to gather documentation to prove rehabilitation. These documents will be presented to prosecutors and judges so that this requirement is satisfied and the conviction can be sealed. If a court hearing is required to prove rehabilitation, Clean Slate will present all relevant evidence to the judge.


We will file a Petition to Seal your record.

Clean Slate has already consulted with prosecutors, judges, and clerks to expedite the sealing process to take full advantage of the new laws. Using provisions in the law, hearings can be waived and orders can be entered without you ever needing to appear in court.


We will advise you every step of the way.

Clean Slate is always here to keep you up to date and answer any questions you may have about your petition. We focus solely on sealing criminal convictions and we provide dedicated, personal attention to each of our clients.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, your conviction is not sealed, your full fee will refunded. Either your conviction will be sealed or your fee will be retuned.

Don’t wait! Act now and be prepared for your future

Studies show that eligible people wait to have criminal convictions sealed until they are seeking employment or residence. It takes time to have your conviction sealed. Act now and be prepared for the future.


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